Unwrap the Magic of Handwoven Elegance: Your Holiday Gift Guide for Stylish and Sustainable Treasures




Christmas cheer that is used all year

Our handwoven bags are great everyday bags, gym bags, beach bags, pool bags and market bags.

With a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, we have the perfect bag.  The best part?  They are reusable for all year round enjoyment.


Artisan-Made Elegance

Choose a gift that reflects the artistry and tradition of Mexico. Our handwoven fashion bags, ranging from $45 to $130, are the result of skilled artisan families passing down their craft through generations, ensuring a unique and timeless accessory.

A Splash of Color and Patterns

 For the busy and vibrant mom, our bags come in a dazzling array of colors, sizes, and patterns. Whether she prefers a bright and bold open tote or an elegant and structured box tote, there's a bag that perfectly matches her style.






Eco-Friendly Beauty

Gift her a bag that's not only stunning but also environmentally responsible. Our bags, priced within your budget, are crafted from recycled plastic, a material derived from water bottles, making them an eco-conscious choice.